Dear parents / carers


I know of some recent sadness within our St Cuthbert’s community over the past few weeks. 


The thoughts and prayers of all staff and governors are with those of you who have been affected by Covid 19.  We are also praying that everyone else in our community and their families stay safe.  


You will no doubt have heard the recent announcement by the government regarding schools re-opening to students. At present the proposals only apply to Primary Schools and there are no definite plans to start students back at Secondary School. The government said they hoped to have some students back before the summer but there is no clarity on what exactly this means at the moment. Consequently there are no changes to the current system at school.  

The only students who are currently eligible to attend are those with parents who are key workers or those identified as vulnerable.  If you consider yourself to be a key worker, please check the link on our website to confirm.  We would then need to see some proof of this before being allowed to grant access to your son / daughter.  There is no requirement for any key worker parent to choose this option however if you believe the risk of sending your child to school is greater than them staying at home. 


Any student identified as vulnerable will have been contacted directly by school already. 


We will continue to provide work for all students and keep you informed of any planned changes as soon as we know ourselves.  All the very best to you all and stay safe.


D. Shields