Short reflection on prayer.

One of my favourite moments in prayer was time spent with my nephew, we set time aside to pray together. I was introducing this to him when he was about 5 years old, very often I would encourage my nephew to light a candle. We would sit and follow this pattern.

1.We would think and share what we were proud of that day, a moment of encouragement.

2.We then thought and shared a moment that we were not proud of.

3. We then share our resolve of what we would do to make this better the next day.

4. We finished with a prayer.

Very often I would think did this help him at all? When one day I was stunned and humbled when I stood outside his room. And from a distance I saw him light candle and was just talking to Nana in heaven after she had passed away. He was 13 years old at this point and he got a lot of comfort from this. The power of prayer hey.

  Here are some sites I have found helpful. 

1. Pray as you go - This is a daily pray site takes about 10 mins for daily reflection

 2. Taize – Short Bible quotes you might like to use, if you took one that speaks to you and use to reflect on for as long as you need to.

 3. Lourdes live TV – where you can experience the Mass in many different Languages

 4. Contemporary worship – these you tube videos are from Matt Redman a worship leader that many of our youth enjoy

 Keep well and be assured of many prayers for you and all your families here at St Cuthbert's Faith community.