This year has been a challenging and difficult year for most and our students and staff have been on a mission to help out the Rochdale community during the festive period. An incredible 3742 food items were donated within the last three weeks in the run up to the Christmas break.

We have been overwhelmed by the amazing response this year. The year 11 leaders with support from Mrs Battaglia came up with the idea of 'ONE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE' and there were rewards for the Form Groups who brought in the highest number of cans. This also included staff departments.

The winning form was 11.8 and the winning department was R.E. We are so proud of the St. Cuthbert's community for coming together and making a difference to people in need. Staff and students have been outstanding in their efforts to help make a difference this year to many people and families in our local community.

Special thanks to our amazing Year 11 Leaders who have helped lead the project from start to finish and worked incredibly hard collecting all the donations.