Our Lenten Challenge /Charity focus this Lent is CAFOD WALK FOR WATER...

There are many people who must go without a clean and safe water supply. Or they must walk a vast and dangerous path to get water which can sometimes take over twenty-four hours to make the journey there and back, carrying what little water they can. As a Catholic community we are asking for you to get sponsorship and take part in the Lenten challenge.

Walk for Water is the only Lent challenge you need: 10,000 steps a day - done your way. Every day. For 40 days.

Go the distance this Lent and help to end water poverty, for every £750 raised it supplies a whole village with a water supply - Let's Be the Best That We Can Be this Lent and support this amazing cause- come on St Cuthbert's!

Here is the link to make your donation