Transport Arrangements


From 1 September, the fare structure will be simplified so that children are all charged a flat fare. This will replace the existing system whereby children are charged one of three different fares depending on the distance they travel. 


For children with igo passes, the new single fare will be £1.30, the new return fare will be £2.20 and the new cost of the school weekly ticket will be £7.00. 


Children who do not have igo passes will continue to be charged a default single fare which, from September, will be £1.70. Children without igo passes are also unable to buy either returns or weekly tickets.

There are still a number of school buses where fares are set by the operator and which will therefore be unaffected by these changes.

Full details on which school services will be affected will be provided on before the start of the new school year.

Assistance with Home to School Transport is available for eligible children from school. Please contact the general office for details

Fares and igo cards – Details of fares on school services including igo cards can be obtained from the Tfgm website at

Pupils need to buy a ticket on a yellow bus in the same way as any other bus.  Singles, returns and weekly tickets are all available on the bus from the driver.  Children paying daily should get a return ticket.  Children must have their igo card as, otherwise, they will be charged a higher fare. 


All the yellow buses have the same operator both morning and afternoon (Y83 is Stagecoach and the Y31 and Y39 are First) so children have the option of buying an operator-own weekly ticket or the TfGM school weekly ticket.  First's weekly ticket costs £7.00, Stagecoach's costs £6.75 and the TfGM ticket costs £6.50.  The operator-own tickets are only valid on that operator's own services and the TfGM ticket is only valid on school services. 


In the case of the 887, children need to buy the £6.50 TfGM school weekly ticket or a £2.00 school return as these are valid on both the morning and afternoon journeys.  Please advise children to specify that it is the school ticket they need because, if they just ask for a weekly, they may be given a First weekly.


In summary, for the cheapest option:


- if the bus is run by the same operator both morning and afternoon, children can buy EITHER an operator-own ticket OR a TfGM school ticket

- if the bus is run by a different operator in the afternoon to the morning, children need to buy a TfGM school ticket.


For maximum flexibility (for example, if children also use buses at weekends) they could instead buy a System One ticket which costs £9.00 with a Get Me There Card or £9.95 without.  This is valid on ANY operator's services at any time, both school and general.


Children have been allocated to buses according to their home address - everyone who has applied has been given a place on the nearest service to their house.  Sometimes they might have more than one option in which case, if they have expressed a preference, they have been given a pass for that service and, if not, places have been allocated in order to balance out the loads on each bus.  If pupils have a good reason for wanting to change bus, then they need to send an email to


Should you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01706 647761


Further information and general enquiries for pupils with regards to bus travel can be obtained either by telephoning Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 or through the Tfgm website.

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