Transport Arrangements

In addition to the public 409 bus service running past our school from both Rochdale and Oldham bus station, our school has a number of dedicated buses which allow students to access our school from all areas of the Rochdale Borough.

Please see these bus routes below:

Bus Timetables

Students of St Cuthbert’s RC High School can travel on one of these dedicated school bus services with a school bus pass or by purchasing a daily/weekly saver ticket which is available from the bus driver or the bus station.

Full details on which school services will be provided on before the start of the new school year

In order to access these bus routes to school, Parents/Carers should ensure that students have the relevant travel ticket or bus pass. In addition to this, all children aged 11-16 must have an igo card to travel using any child ticket on buses in Greater Manchester. This acts as proof of age and without it, children could be charged an adult fare. An igo card costs £10 and is valid until 31st August after your 16th birthday. You can download an igo card application form at or you can collect one from your local TGFM Travelshop.


School bus passes

A school-funded free school bus pass is available for any student who is attending St Cuthbert’s RC High School and lives over 3 miles away from the school. For this, please see the bottom of this page. Please complete this and send into school with an attached passport photo.

If a student is eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and lives over 3 miles away from St Cuthbert’s High School as their nearest faith school, they can apply for this bus pass via the school travel expenses page of the local authority website ( To speed up this process, parents/carers should ensure that they provide a copy of their child’s FSM entitlement within this application.

Important information

Bus pass applications can take between 4-6 weeks to process. Completed applications will need to be received before the deadline date of Monday 7th June 2021. Any applications received after this date may not be processed until after the start of the next academic year (September 2021). In this case, parents/carers will have to provide the cost of travel until the school bus pass is received by school.

All school bus passes applications will need to have a passport photo enclosed. This must be an original photo and not a copy.

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