Remote Learning - Parent Guide



When working from home there are 4 different applications or apps which are required, these are;

  1. Class Charts Pupil App
  2. Microsoft Outlook
  3. Microsoft Teams

Please see this user guide to to find out how to download and use the applications.


User logins

Pupil usernames are set in the following format,

St followed by the pupils start year followed by their first initial and surname and then

So as an example John Smith in Year 7 would be

Pupils reset their own passwords but if they do not know them they can ask for it to be reset, this can be done by sending a message to Mr D Brown, Mr D Hitchings or Mr S Haile via Class Charts, these users can reset your details and send them back to you.

If this cannot be done, pupils or parents can email or call 01706 396068 password resets will be sent to the parent/carer via text and also to the student in Class Charts


Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the schools email provider, you can access the email system by browsing to  or by downloading the Microsoft Office Outlook app (instructions here) student email addresses are their usernames followed by so for example John Smith in Year 7 would have the email address of and then the students password. If this needs resetting please follow the instructions above.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the application we use for joining online live video sessions, students who are self isolating are expected to follow their current time table online, they will receive an email with a calendar entry asking them to join a live lesson at the start of their normal lesson. For more information on Teams please click here

Class Charts Pupil

Class Charts is the platform the school uses for setting homework, all work pupils are expected to complete are available in the application, students can also use the app to contact teachers and view other information. Pupils login to Class Charts at or Via the App

Class Charts Instructions

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