Meet your Form Tutor


At St Cuthbert’s RC High School, we are very fortunate to have a very experienced and fully supportive Year 7 Form Tutor team. We have nine form classes in total and the form tutor for each form class can be seen below. This is the person that will greet you every morning throughout year 7. 

Please click on the globe icon below each form tutor to view a welcome video and to read a little bit more about them.

Mr Lockett

Assistant Headteacher/Head of Year 7

Mrs Didyk-Wild

Mrs Didyk-Wild 7.1

Mrs S Ibison

Mrs S Ibison 7.2

Miss Miller

Form Tutor 7.3

Mr D Harland

Form Tutor 7.4

Mrs Hildebrandt-Mothes

Form Tutor 7.5

Mr D Close

Form Tutor 7.6

Miss Nugent

Form Tutor 7.7

Mr Harwood

Mr Harwood 7.8

Mr Miles

Mr Miles 7.9

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